Those Democrats Are Real Wiseacres, What With Their Hilarious Rush Limbaugh Billboard Slogans


The actual central Democratic party apparatus introduceda wacky prank last week to stick it to farty ol' Rush Limbaugh: they'd come up with a funny slogan about Rush being weird and place it on a billboard in Rush's hometown. Then Rush would see it all the time and feel embarrassed! UBER-PWNAGE MUCH? Well today we (and approximately 150 of our tipsters) received an e-mail from the Democrat party listing the five finalist slogans. They are all hilarious and, uh, Rush will feel so stupid. Hint: apparently the word "Rush" can be used to form puns!

Wonkette Obama --

Last week, I asked if you had a message you'd like to send Rush Limbaugh. The response was overwhelming. We received tens of thousands of submissions, and we picked the top five [Consider these statistics after reading the selections -- Ed.]:

* "Americans didn't vote for a Rush to failure"

* "Hope and change cannot be Rush'd"

* "Failure is not an option for America's future"

* "We can fix America, just don't Rush it"

* "Rush: Say yes to America"

Now, we're putting it up for a vote. Decide which slogan Rush will see in his home town.

The slogan with the most votes will be put on a billboard where Rush can't miss it.


Can you even imagine how foolish Rush Limbaugh would feel if he saw a billboard that said, "Failure is not an option for America's future"? He'd read that shit and be like... "I agree." What a spazz!!

Vote on our Rush billboard []

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