Those Weren't Gaffes; Mitt Romney Just Loves To Talk About Being Rich


Mitt Romney refuses to feel ashamed of himself for being wealthy, America. Shame is for poors. You cannot make him feel bad about constantly name dropping his rich sports team owner friends. "I'm not going to apologize for that," he told Megyn Kelly, who did not ask him to apologize for that. Since when is having rich friends a mistake? This should make you want to be his friend. Who goes around trying to be friends with poors? Losers. Let us watch a three-second clip of Mitt Romney becoming SASSY with Megyn Kelly when she asks him why he loves to talk about being rich, after the jump:

Ha ha, those three seconds are all you need of this clip. Just replay it yourself over and over when you are having nightmares about Barack Obama failing to win re-election. [GOP12]


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