Thousand Dollar Wedding

  • "Everyone's favorite falafel joint in Adams Morgan has always screamed European. Obviously with the name, Amsterdam Falafelshop, the Dutch mayo, and pictures of the Netherlands pasted all over. But now they're going European in one more way." [DCist]
  • "I really cannot tell you how much I hate cabbies right now. You are just awful people -- cheating passengers and being rude. Go to hell, all of you." [Diary of a Mad DC Cabbie]
  • "I've never been to a Target before. Will it make things better or make things worse? It'll make things better for the city and for Columbia Heights property owners. Not so much for tenants. But, what about me? A young adult living in AU Park .... Is Target any better or cheaper than making separate visits to Best Buy and Safeway?" [why.i.hate.dc]
  • "Where can I get bills higher than $100?" [Eavesdrop DC]

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