Threat Level Lowered to "Oh, Fuck"

We admit, we've been big fans of indulging in complete flat-out panic these last coupledays since the Hersh piece dropped. Mostly 'cause, you know, it's just more interesting than the simmering nihilistic disgust that's been our constant, monotonous companion lo these last few... years, really. A little Cuban Missile Crisis Last Night on Earth adrenaline spices up a midterm election cycle otherwise full of phone-jamming and lobbying and ethics violations.

There there is no doubt in our mind that the civilians currently in charge of the US military are the types who would wage "tactical" nuclear war if they could get away with it politically. There's the "holy shit" bit. And frankly, whenever people say "not even this administration would do that," they usually already did it a couple days ago.

But: Hersh has started to point out that it's really more of an "oh, fuck" than a "holy shit" situation (if we may make that important distinction). As a couple commenters have noted, it's the Pentagon's job to have detailed plans in place for waging on on every country in the world plus Vermont. So, while we don't believe for one minute that this administration has any interest whatsoever in solving the Iran thing diplomatically (seriously, people, have you been paying attention?), it took two years of being in charge + 9/11 for Iraq to become a reality, and while the "messianic" thing still freaks us out, we're not quite thinking "nuclear apocalypse" yet. Air strikes followed by Iraq's final descent into civil war and lawlessness? Well, yeah. That'll be like October.

But this is Wonkette, so let's just make fun of Matt Drudge:


Left, PANIC! PANIC! Right, more liberal lies.


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