Three Cheers for KidsPost

kidspost.JPGIn trying to explain why it took him so long to inform the public about his shooting of Harry Whittington, Dick Cheney has offered the excuse that the story was "complicated." While taking last week's newspapers to the recycling bin today, we came across this discussion of the Cheney shooting incident in KidsPost, the Washington Post's page for children:

Imagine this: You're playing baseball with your brother when you accidentally hit him in the eye with the ball. You go inside, and the sitter gets ice for your brother's eye. Your mom is at work, but you don't call to tell her. Maybe that's because you are worried about your brother, or maybe you don't think it's a big deal, or maybe you know you might be in trouble, even though you didn't mean to hurt anyone.

If you can imagine that situation, you might be able to imagine the kind of week that Vice President Richard Cheney has had.

See, Mr. Vice President -- the story wasn't that complicated! The KidsPost explanation is nearly perfect. The only thing we'd do differently is refer to Cheney as "Dick" (but we can understand why the family-friendly KidsPost decided not to).

We sure like this KidsPost thing. It's more fun to read than The Note, more coherent than Robin Givhan. What more could you ask for?

Today's News: The Vice President's Hunting Accident [KidsPost/WP]


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