Three Cheers For Modern Building Codes

  • John McCain and his surrogates continue to allege that Barack Obama didn't visit troops in Germany because he couldn't take cameras with him, despite the fact that they cannot produce a single piece of evidence supporting this. [Washington Post]
  • Meanwhile, John McCain did have some nice things to say for moronic alcoholic waitress-assaulting sex criminal and Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Georgia provides a test case for Obama's theory that he can actually tip some red states into the blue column. Says Tucker Bounds, John McCain's latest mouthpiece: "I cannot begin to analyze or make sense of the political strategy employed by the Obama campaign." [Politico]
  • The CIA confronted top Pakistani officials with information about how their secret service is colluding with the militants they're supposed to be helping us "root out." [New York Times]
  • President Bush signed a housing bill he had threatened to veto. Highlights: a bailout for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as well as a measure to refinance troubled mortgages into 30-year, government-backed loans. [The Hill]
  • Yesterday's earthquake in Southern California scared a bunch of people, but the physical damage looks relatively limited. [Los Angeles Times]

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