Three-Way Foto Fun Job: Wonkette Remembers

Santorum had his fetus, Allen has his football - WonketteYes, here's another family portrait of Macaca with his football and some people. Does he sleep with that football? All puttin' on Confederate pajamas, all hanging a stuffed monkey from the little noose in his bedroom ....

We have other awful photos, too. Join us after the jump as we remember Midterms 2006 ... In Pictures.

Nice doll, kid. Be a shame if somethin' happened to it ... - WonketteTrue, we ran a version of this picture early this morning. But you really can't get enough of this particular scene from "Little House On the Prairie and the Chamber of Secrets," so here's another beautiful angle.

Our new Nutty Jesus Freak in Congress, Michele Bachmann, cheerfully offers to be crucified at the end of her victory party last night.


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