Three's A Crowd

* Joe Lieberman is secretly Supreme Commander of the Grand Army of the United States. [JPost]

* Barry Hussein offers up a detailed plan for surrender! Hey Barry, why not give the terrorists a New York subway map and a Metrocard while you're at it? [NYT]

* John McCain's new "no surrender," message has less to do with Iraq and more to do with John McCain than one might think. [NYT]

* One of Virginia's Senate seats always has to be occupied by a guy named Warner. It's in the Constitution. [WP]

* Harry Reid is really onto something with this whole AG fight. [The Hill]

* Finally, we can all agree that MoveOn is retarded. [Politico]

* Petraeus gets the GOP fully behind the position the rest of us were at like in November. Fewer people were dead then, though we know these guys aren't so great with numbers. [WT]


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