Thurmond Love-Child: He Did But Treat Her Good

Richard Brookhiser takes time out of his busy schedule to do his bit for Strom's reputation:

Half the novels of the eighteenth century have some character of partly noble origin, but born on the left side of the blanket. How were these babies produced? The way Thurmond's child was produced--a man of position or means, taking advantage of a servant. Race was the regional fillip added in the the United States, chiefly (but not exclusuively) in the south. A sad tale, a sordid system. Within its confines, Thurmond behaved rather well I thought, meeting his daughter, when she was an adult, almost annually, and giving her money whenever she asked.

He also let her drink out of the white folks' water fountain.

No, really: HE GAVE HER MONEY. What more could the mixed-race child of segregationist ask for?

Thurmond [The Corner/National Review Online]


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