"Thursdays" with Tina: Condi Delayed Us Edition

This is why no magazine editors ever call me, isn't it?

TinaSpeakWhat it means
Ridicule requires a tiny touch of lightheartedness. . . . Real pain requires silence.I cannot take my own advice. Also: I save the aphorisms from fortune cookies.
[T]here's a thirst for data-rich, deeply sourced revelation.This is something my editor keeps saying. I thought I'd write it down at some point.
Hughes has barnstormed the talk shows in her purpose-built pantsuit . . . I am not allowed to write that Hughes looks like a man.
It's a weird paradox that at the moment when the Bush government machine seems to have careened out of control . . . the Bush fundraising/attack machine has never been more disciplined.I am not totally clear on the meaning of paradox. Also: Mmmmm. . . disciplined.
[T]he campaign is systematically carpet-bombing John Kerry with a devastatingly effective comic ad about gasoline prices. Things are funny when they're all old-timey and in fast-motion. Even funnier? Carpet-bombing.
Look for Hughes to be joined on the road soon by a conservative with teeth -- Cheney's former attack poodle Mary Matalin. . .I am scared of poodles.

Reporters were stonewalled for so long by the White House and spun so skillfully by Hughes that a tsunami of pent-up journalistic energy built up, and now it's breaking at just the wrong time for the Bush reelection plans.Note to editor: People wanting "data-rich, deeply sourced revelation" -- that's like that book in the Bible, right? I skimmed it while hailing a cab and tried to work it in here. OK?
Talk show producers I speak to are on steroids waiting for Woodward. My knowledge of what being a talk show producer entails is based on the success of my show, "Topic A with Tina Brown." Steriods are involved, right?
They have always just heard from a D.C. insider who had lunch last week with a friend who ran into Woodward at the pharmacy/ grocery store/Blockbuster and reported breathlessly that "he didn't want to say anything but I hear it's going to blow the lid off all the stuff about why we really went into Iraq/who's really making the decisions/what Powell really believes/what the real hold is that Cheney has over Bush/what Condi will never say to the 9/11 commission." Editor? I lost you up at the Revelations thing, I guess. . .
The Democrats were kidding themselves that if Kerry got elected he would have the luxury of coming in and solving the Iraq mess with some nuanced international whatever.Note to editor: If you're not going finish your work, why should I finish this sentence?
It remains to be seen if Bush followers from the city of Trump are ready to join Democrats and tell the commander in chief, "You're fired." I understand that this is a hot catch-phrase right now.

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