Thursdays with Tina (Special Friday Edition)

A day late, a few dollars short, but we couldn't not perform our weekly service: Translating Tina Brown.

Tina-speakWhat it means
Bad things happen to good people (and some bad people) in January. It was in January (only yesterday, it seems) that Linda Tripp crawled out of the woodwork to torment Bill Clinton. The fateful merger between Time Warner and AOL? January.I have no idea what to write about this week.
[T]ry David Denby's manically glum new memoir, "American Sucker," about his doomed ride on the Internet bubble of the '90s.Not having any idea what to write about will not stop me from plugging friends' vanity projects.

You don't have to be a fashion victim -- or a terrorist -- to know that High-Danger Orange is the new black this season.

I have turned over the column to a hundred monkeys and their typewriters.

A Month Full of Dates With Destiny [WaPo]


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