Thursdays with Tina: The I Know a Little About Politics Edition

Our regular Thursday feature. We note this is the first column (since we started paying attention) to give any indication that Tina writes her column for a Washington newspaper.

Tina saysWhat she means
Paul O'Neill has chosen to tell his story about his two unhappy years in the Bush Cabinet in a form that's as weird as he is. . .I am blind to the obvious parallel in my own life.
It's another example of the chronic disconnect I think of as mad CEO disease. I create the appearance of topicality by randomly stringing together trendy buzzwords. [Variation: I model myself on Maureen Dowd.]
He was a product of old-fashioned, ore-smelting, smoke-puffing manufacturing . . . O'Neill was dark satanic mills, not pixels and PowerPoints. Physical labor frightens me. Also, I've read Blake.
Paul O'Neill was always an odd duck, a man, as one colleague puts it, who is a "stranger to his unconscious."I impress even myself with my ability to ignore obvious occasions for introspection.
When he was reviving Alcoa, no one cared much about his tendency to drone on. . . "If the CEO wants to hold forth about his policy views it doesn't matter much to the company that he heads."Hey, do you remember how I used to run a magazine once? Everyone did exactly as I said. It was fun.
Bush the younger is about as interested in rational political discourse as Paul O'Neill is in the Hip-Hop Music Awards.My knowledge of popular culture is one of the many, many differences between Mr. O'Neill and myself.

Paul O'Neill, Odd Duck Out of Water [WashPost]


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