Thursdays with Tina: The Trump Tower Edition

Our weekly service: Translating Tina Brown.

Tina-speakWhat it means
On the night of Sept. 10, 2001, I was seated next to the runway between Trump and Monica Lewinsky watching the glitzy Marc Jacobs show at the height of Fashion Week.I used to be sort of famous.
Twenty-four hours later the world had gone dark. Razzle-dazzle was dead. Hype was over.Thank God the editors at the Post haven't figured this out.
Give us "Elf"! Give us "The Bachelor"! Let's go shopping!I have a mild case of Tourette's.
[Trump is] the phallic narcissist supreme. . .Penis!
[T]he guy the feminist revolution wanted to make extinct but who just keeps lumbering forward like a randy rhinoPenis!
One of the surprising charms of "The Apprentice" is watching his small, self-admiring mouth pucker judiciously. . .I am easily charmed. (Also: Penis!)
He is a state-of-the-art air-rights pilot, a maestro of zoning-board lobbying, a generalissimo of devilish legal loopholes.Someone should probably take away my thesaurus.

The Real Reality Show: An '80s Survivor [WaPo]


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