Tidings Of Comfort, Joy, Bombings, Revolution, And Exile

  • So much happened this weekend! For example, a Nigerian flying on Northwest Airlines to Detroit on Christmas Day apparently tried to blow up his plane, which meant that another Nigerian flying the same route on Sunday freaked out everybody when he spent an hour in the bathroom with, presumably, the runs. [Los Angeles Times]
  • How could this troubled young man, the attempted bomber, have slipped through the cracks? Because the authorities get so many tips about terrorism threats and suspects that they just ignore most of them. [Washington Post]
  • Another big event this weekend: Santy Claus brought the people of Iran more violent protests that killed 10 people, including the opposition leader's nephew. [New York Times]
  • Thailand is sending about 4,000 Hmong refugees back to Laos, despite the wishes of the UN and the United States. [Reuters]
  • Sorry, nerds! The iPhone is no longer available to New York City-based online buyers, due to a Grand Conspiracy. [CNET News]
  • Director Roman Polanski spent the holiday season at a Swiss chalet and penned a thank-you letter to all his supporters, who are appalled that he might have to go back to the US to answer to a decades-old court case involving sex with a 13-year-old. [Guardian]

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