strobelight Wonkette's fashion operative writes: "Speaking from experience, a real gay man knows not to wear a tie that bleeds on television.  It's all your eyes kept drawing to during the entire speech.  Come on, who who dresses this guys? Ray Charles, Rip Taylor and Tom DeLay?"

"Everyone knows -- I mean, I know -- that you can't wear certain ties on TV or else they flicker and streak like that." [MatthewYglesias.com]

"Fish markets don't have herringbones like that! The first and easiest rule of television, a medium that he's supposed to have mastered, gets completely forgotten!" [Shadow of the Hegemon]

"I thought they tested that kind of stuff." [Rooftop Report]

"It's subliminally pulsing at about the same brain-wave frequency that can set up epileptic seizures." [Baltimore Chronicle]

Like he should be giving advice: "I'm interested in answering more questions for you all. . . Pick out a red or blue tie." [WhiteHouse.gov]


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