Tiger Has Repented For His Sins, Now Go See A Movie This Weekend


Saturday, February 20: Remember that time when Obama was just so special and was gonna flex his Change-muscle and fix America? Get back to that time -- when he was better than Jeebus, Sarah Palin was taking walks to Russia, and we had several shreds of faith in government -- by seeing the film Marching Band. It looks at Obama's rise to the presidency, seen though the eyes of two college marching bands in Virginia. [Lincoln Theater]

  • Saturday, February 20: There is no reason not to check out the Terra Cotta Warriors Kung Fu Film Festival on Saturday at National Geographic. They're screening three films, all of which should help you get in touch with your inner martial arts bad-ass. [National Geographic]
  • Sunday, February 21: The circus is in town! Fridge DC is hosting poets, jugglers, sword-swallowers, dancers and musicians in an attempt to show off the random talents of Washingtonians. Cost is $12, though there's a $2 discount if you have a mustache, be it real or fake. [The Fridge DC]
  • Sunday, February 21: We are now in the year of the Tiger, which, according to the Gods, is a year of conflicts and disasters! Hooray! Celebrate the destruction that is to come at the Chinese Lunar New Year Parade and Celebration on Sunday from 2 to 5PM. A giant firecracker will be set off at 3:45PM, because why not. [Chinese Lunar New Year Parade and Celebration]
  • Closing, Sunday, February 21: The Four Of Us, a play about fame, friends, and jealousy that is easily one of the best plays you will ever see in DC, ends its run at Theater J on Sunday. And retards everyone rejoice, The Barack Stars: The Wrath of Rahm playing at the Woolly Mammoth Theater has extended its run until Sunday as well. [Theater J, Woolly Mammoth Theater]

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