TikTok Went Nuts After I Said My Breast Milk Tastes Like Fruity Pebbles. Tabs, Wed., May 13, 2020

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Nothing, just Alex Jones trying to incite violence against nurses, as he is wont to do. (MediaMatters)

Universal White House coronavirus testing is so simple a story, even the political press can latch on to it, says Dan Froomkin at PressWatch

Fascinating: Hong Kong's dumb government was fucking up the coronavirus response, so the people did it themselves. (The Atlantic)

The Risks — Know Them — Avoid Them. Biology professor Erin Bromage does a terrific job of explaining simply and clearly how viruses transmit, particularly indoors.

Hey Vox, what's in the House Dems' stimmy?

Will Trump cause a coronavirus Great Depression? Paul Krugman thinks that guy's a dumb dick! (New York Times)

Women- and minority-owned businesses got boned by how Trump's SBA distributed the Paycheck Protection Program. (CAP Action on Medium)

Or here's 40 pages from the SBA's inspector general saying the same thing. (SBA)

Senate Republicans break with Trump over "Obamagate." I mean, if you say so Politico. (They're just calling all the former Obama administration officials instead.)

My goodness this sad young handsome genius blackhat hacker hero! — Wired

Nothing, just Putin was gonna ricin the mayor of Prague, two others for not licking Russia's ass enough. (Seriously it was because they wanted to get rid of Confederate Soviet monuments. Fucking people.) (RFERL)

No-fun WaPo factchecker won't eve let Trump call Joe Scarborough a murderer :(

Hi let's kilibuster the filibuster! (New York mag)

Ian Millhiser was almost as grossed out by yestertoday's SCOTUS hearings as our Liz was! (Vox)

CHAOS CROPS! — Civil Eats

How goddamn beautiful. "Fuck the Bread. The Bread Is Over." — Sabrina Orah Mark at Paris Review

All Verso books are half off for the next 10 days, including mine!

Y'all have been asking us to make masks, and we bought some but they're SO thin (ONE PLY!) how could I even sell them to you? Get Amber Tamblyn's and benefit NARAL instead! (But if you reallllly want us to make some, suggest what we should put on them too, our brains are stupid and have snails in them.)

Do your Amazon shopping through this link, because reasons.

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