Tim Johnson Recovering, Trent Lott Sort of Sad

Remember when we all owned slaves? - WonketteNot even God loves Republicans these days: Tim Johnson has apparently recovered from his horrible ordeal. The South Dakota Democrat whose brain went screwy this week is now "responsive," which is way more than you can say for Strom Thurmond's last 20 years in the Senate.

Speaking of Thurmond and his lasting legacy in Washington, Trent Lott says that "while he'd like to have Republicans in the majority, he would not want it this way." Class! The man has class! And if we'd only had the courage to put Strom in the White House way back when, we wouldn't have had all these problems like the Civil War and such.

Sen. Johnson Responsive After Surgery [Examiner]

Of Johnson and the Senate [NYT Caucus]


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