Tim Mahoney Is Faithful To Everything But His Wife


  • The epic Gay vs. Mormon Civil War will now be fought--where else?--on Broadway. Gays have the home advantage, so Mormons will kick off. [AMERICAblog]
  • Floridian polyadulterer Tim Mahoney refuses to stop showing up to meetings he wasn't re-elected to go to. He says he intends to "ride this out," that is, until it gets clingy and wants to go out to dinner all the time. [TPMMuckraker]
  • Mostly embarrassing/formerly respected carpetbagger John McCain accused mostly embarrassing/formerly respected musician Jackson Browne of suing his campaign just for the publicity. Browne apparently put out an album a few months ago, as you are most certainly not aware. [HuffPost]
  • Bill Clinton says he's game to disclose information about his charities' financial backers--some of them foreign--should this be necessary for Hillary's vetting. [Daily Beast]
  • Look at Saul Anuzis' hilarious Twitter minutes about some meeting he realized was of course off-the-record. "My bad," he Twits emoticonically. [Ben Smith]

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