Tim Pawlenty Accidentally Announces His Presidential Campaign


We even asked our brother-in-law who lives in the state where this Tim Pawlenty is supposedly the governor or the state president or whatever, and our brother-in-law was all, "Nope. Haven't heard of him."

But our iPhone just beeped with the little pop-up news alert from the New York Times. And instead of being about something fun like killing Osama or the Oscars, it says Tim Pawlenty is running for president. Good luck, Tim! Good luck trying to prove you are not just a rumor.

Why did Tim Pawlenty announce his campaign late on a Sunday night, anyway? It was apparently a mistake.

On the eve of his own planned campaign announcement, Tim Pawlenty released an Internet video declaring that he is running for president because he — unlike President Obama — has the courage to face America’s challenges.

It's brave to let your kids run your campaign website! [NYT]


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