Pawlenty Destroyed Muslim Mortgage Program Because It Was All Muslim

Pawlenty Destroyed Muslim Mortgage Program Because It Was All Muslim

As governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty did something highly suspect: He promoted minority homeownership. "But owning your home is a white-people thing," you say. "Because that's how things were in the house I grew up in, back in the 1950s, where my dad beat my mother until every inch of her was bruised and then tended to his collection of murdered immigrants in the basement." Yes, but Tim Pawlentyhates your America. And he even let MUSLIMS own homes, allowing a company to provide mortgages to Muslims that were structured so as to avoid charging interest, which many Muslims view as a violation of their religion. Thankfully for Pawlenty's presidential hopes, however, he shut down this company as soon as he heard it was Muslim, and that is the reason why you weren't forced to pray to SHARIA this morning and put SHARIA in your oatmeal and make sure your SHARIA made it to their school bus on time.

"This program was independently set up by the Minnesota state housing agency and did not make any mention Sharia Law on its face, but was later described as accommodating it," the spokesman, Alex Conant, said. "As soon as Gov. Pawlenty became aware of the issue, he personally ordered it shut it down. Fortunately, only about three people actually used the program before it was terminated at the Governor's direction."

Yes, how dare we let something in our country not violate Sharia? We should each spend at least five hours a day slaughtering pigs in a VERY non-halal manner and gambling and drinking alcohol and refusing to let children of divorced parents stay with their mother if they are still weaning. TAKE THAT, SHARIA!

Fortunately, only three Muslims were using this mortgage company when Pawlenty went Crusades on its ass, so the Sharia wasn't able to turn Minnesota too evil/brown. We can only hope that those three people were thrown out of their homes and have left this hostile country in anger, because creating angry Muslim foreigners is exactly what America needs. Terrorism brings us together! [Ben Smith]


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