He would rather make love to this fish.Hey, maybe the Republican governor of Minnesota is gay enough to run for Vice President after all! It is a scientifically documented fact that many leading lights of the Republican party prefer the company of other gentlemen, and remarks Tim Pawlenty made this weekend suggest he is a member of the Party's elite cabal of well-groomed fellows who happen to know all the words to every ABBA album ever recorded. He told a WCCO radio show host he doesn't have sex with his wife!

Okay actually he said that his wife refuses to have sex with him: "I have a wife who genuinely loves to fish. I mean, she will take the lead and ask me to go out fishing, and joyfully comes here. She loves football, she'll go to hockey games, and I jokingly say, 'Now, if I could only get her to have sex with me I'd really have it made.'"

Still, same difference. Larry Craig's wife doesn't have sex with her husband, either.

Pawlenty's punchline turns his sex-life into a joke [Minnesota Monitor]


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