Tim Russert Hates Louder, Crazier Version of Self

Who could hate that face???

The prosecution in the Scooter Libby trial yesterday presented a little note of advice from Mary Matalin to Scooter from back in the day, advising him on how to discredit Joe Wilson. She recommended calling Tim Russert, who'd be sympathetic to Libby's complaint that Russert's fellow NBC employee Chris Matthews was unfairly criticizing the Vice President. Because, well, here's how Matalin put it:

"Call Tim. He hates Chris -- he needs to know it all."

Of all the beautiful gifts this trial has given us -- Judy Miller unemployed, Team Bush and Team Cheney at each other's throats, the glorious return of Ari Fleischer -- this might be our favorite. Tim Russert hates Chris Matthews. Why? Because Matthews is louder? Is his head even bigger? Has anyone measured?

Or does Russert just hate the Irish? We're leaning toward that one.

Everyone Hates Chris [Swampland]


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