Time For Patrick Kennedy's Tearful Reunion With the Other Three People Who Live in Rhode Island

Patrick Kennedy reads aloud from 'A Million Little Pieces'

Representative Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) finished up rehab at the prestigious Mayo Clinic Friday and is secheduled to make a home state appearance today. Kennedy, you'll remember, was tripping balls on prescription meds, drunk off his ass, or both when he slammed his car into a barrier at 3 a.m. a month ago. Now, he's cured. He's fine! He's all better, though he still hasn't admitted to drinking that night, despite a couple Hawk 'n' Dove employees' claims to the contrary (maybe he just doesn't remember?).

The Rhode Island Democratic Party endorsed him for reelection in absentia. Here are some fun facts about Rhode Island: It has the longest official name of any state, it never wanted to ratify the Constitution, and it's America's most forgiving state. Also, the only famous person from Rhode Island is that guy from "Night Court." Not John Larroquette. The other one.

Rep. Patrick Kennedy Ends Rehab, Returns to R.I. [AP via NYT]


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