Time For Us to Quit Riding Tom Malin

TomMalin.jpgWhat kind of world is it where Tom DeLay cleans up in his primary and Tom Malin loses? Is there a sadder headline to start your day with than "Ex-Prostitute Candidate Loses"?

Sigh. Oh, Tom. We'll always have the memories. Your laugh, your healthy, glowing tan (works for you so much more than Boehner), and, of course, your love of Mary Kay products. Let's all go back to the good old days, shall we? The days of your personal Mary Kay site, hand-coded with love and brilliant graphics (like the one pictured at left), making full, unbridled use of pastel fonts and inappropriate underlining. "Relax and enjoy ALL the amenities of your room at the end of the day with this collection of soothing and invigorating pleasures," you say. Tom, don't mind if we do.

We'll miss ya, Tom. Ya ol' ex-gay-prostitute-cum-Texan-political-hopeful. Call us.

Ex-prostitute candidate loses District 108 race [Dallas Morning News]

Tom Malin Cosmetics Presents Winter Skiing Glories Skincare !


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