TIME Joins Newsweek In Mocking America's Idiocy

Ha ha, Americans ain't smart. - Wonkette

TIME magazine is cherished by seniors who can't turn on the computer because they got a virus from the Earthlink modem in 1998 -- in other words, "American voters." But what if TIME was consciously trying to keep the elderly misinformed?

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That's the only possible conclusion to be drawn from the different cover stories for the U.S. and international editions. Newsweek pioneered the "Americans get the special-ed stories" practice last year, when it repeatedly gave soft-serv feature crap to the domestic readership while the international readers got complicated or depressing stories about how we are losing every single war everywhere and the Earth is melting and everything will soon die.

It's the same deal with the TIME covers. Americans get some more tired pop-theology bullshit about Jesus, while those Americans lucky enough to live abroad get to catch up on the other war we lost: the one in Afghanistan and our "ally" Pakistan.

Then again, it doesn't really matter if the international editions of TIME and Newsweek are printing the instructions (in Farsi) for building nuclear missiles, because we're pretty sure these magazines haven't actually been printed overseas in this millennium.

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