'Times': New AG Not Exactly RFK II

mukasey.jpgThe Times urges us all not to be fooled. Mukasey may seem moderate but he loves the Patriot Act, detaining Muslims, and Claus von Bulow. And he's backing Rudy for Prez. So before you get all happy with Mr. Nice New Attorney General 'Won't Thow Me in GItmo Forever' keep in mind that he will still be Mr. Attorney General 'Tapping All My Phones Without a Warrant.'

Hell, the man said the worst thing about the Patriot Act is it's name. A sentiment we'd totally agree with, if it weren't for the fact that all the other things about it are much, much worse.

And did we mention Rudy?

Still, he'll only be AG for like a couple months if the Dems can drag out the confirmation while seeking documents about the last two AGs so why the hell not, let's get excited.

A Washington Outsider With Many Sides [NYT]


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