Tina Brown Is Hot!

Rush Limbaugh charts the liberal power structure and finds that, uhm, Tina Brown is its lodestar:

Tina Brown is considered the doyenne of East Coast liberalism. She is to New York what Sally Quinn used to be to Washington: The queen of the social circuit; the arbiter of what's hip and what isn't, and who's hip and who isn't and who's worth talking to and who isn't worth talking to. . . I think it's interesting that the East Coast's leader in all of this has a 0.1 on CNBC on her Sunday night show. . . . Nobody watches her show, but you go to New York and there's nobody more powerful in the media.
Yes, of course. No one watches Tina's show. . . and she is the most powerful person blue stater in New York. No one watches her show. . . and she is the center of the liberal elite. Your logic is crystalline. What dosages does it come in? And does Tina deliver it to your door or do you have to hang out with her and Harry and make awkward small talk for awhile?

Liberals Will Never Look At Themselves [Rush Limbaugh via Gawker]


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