Tired of Gay Liberal Craigslist? Try Gipperslist!

Tired of Gay Liberal Craigslist? Try Gipperslist!

Tell you what, it's about dang time they made a craigslist for conservative real 'mericuns, caint even look for some coonhounds what without gettin' all distracted by the filthy pre-vert m4m ads, next thing you know the devil done led you to some rest-stop men's room and stuck some feller's peter in your mouth, it's disgraceful.

So, finally, true patriots can stop hookin' up with other "str8 males" and concentrate on what's good about America, which is selling shit to fellow Real Americans. Say hello (in English!) to Gipperslist, the kind of place where ... well, jesus, nobody's really using it. Sometimes, it seems like every so-called Republican in the country is a motherfucking RINO leftie, you know? Well hell let's just click the first state -- it's one of the Real American states, too, where slavery is still legal -- and just click the first category in that sea of zeros to actually offer an item for sale. Here, it's the book section! Who says wingnuts caint read good?

Thanks to Wonkette operative "Banana" for the tip.


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