clinton hit it... bout round '76Dennis Kucinich, who's on a weird streak even by his standards, appeared on CBS' Early Show this morning with UFO mail-order bride Elizabeth to discuss politics or scenic Lake Erie or something. CBS Interviewer Hannah Storm had different talking points prepared, however, mostly involving Elizabeth's tongue stud, clothes, jewelry, maybe how fucking hot she is, et cetera and so forth.

Storm at one point mentions Elizabeth's beauty and then asks Dennis basically, Is she a mannequin or just crazy? Dennis offers a little bit of everything:

Well, the most important thing I would tell you, Hannah, as a professional, is it's important not to trivialize a woman who has worked on international humanitarian matters, you know, helping people in Africa get access to energy and to housing and education, helping poor people and children in India, working with a group connected with Mother Teresa, working with the Mission To Seafarers in London. Here's a woman of great accomplishment with a Master's degree in international conflict resolution, and I hope that you're going to talk about more than a tongue stud. (emphasis ours)

Then Hannah Storm was all like, eff you alien guy, I talks 'bout what I wantsa talk 'bout:

Hannah Storm: And would you remove it if you became first lady or leave it in?

Elizabeth Kucinich: It's part of me now. It's been there ten years, so--

Hannah Storm: Can we see it?

Elizabeth Kucinich: No, you can't. Sorry.

Dennis Kucinich: That's my privilege.

As the aliens taught Dennis, when a girl shows you her tongue stud, she probably wants to have sex with you. And when Elizabeth Kucinich doesn't show you her tongue stud, she probably wants to have sex with you.

Kucinich: "I Hope That You're Going To Talk About More Than A Tongue Stud." [CBS News]


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