To Do: Allow Not Nature More Than Nature Needs

* Office Space extravaganza at the Arlington Cinema N Drafthouse. Trivia, Bill Lumbergh & O-face impersonation contests, best costume contest, and the movie itself. By the time the movie starts you'll be super fucking drunk and have the best time of your life. Prizes, etc. $7 at 7PM. [Arlington Cinema N Drafthouse]

* The Foundation for the Advancement of Behavioral and Brain Sciences and the National Zoo host a Valentine's Day panel lecture. Learn what science tells us about the social and psychological processes of love (coping with threats, expressing sexuality, maintaining satisfying romantic and marital relationships, displaying compassion and altruism). Followed by a wine-and-cheese reception where you can meet the speakers and ask them to do it like they do on the Discovery Channel. Free at the Zoo, 7PM. [National Zoo]

* King Lear at the Folger, $32 at 7:30PM. [Folger]


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