To Do: But, That's My Life!


  • Neil Hamburger backstage at the Black Cat. "What If All Our Favorite Movies Had Been Filmed Inside Toilet Bowls?" $7 at 9PM. [Black Cat]

  • Funny Ha Ha writer and director Andrew Bujalski went on to make Mutual Appreciation. It's been out for awhile on DVD but here's your chance to see it on the big screen at the Avalon Theatre. It's a love triangle, in black and white, very slow but kind of awesome. $9.75 at 8PM. [City Paper]

  • Oxigeno's 5th Anniversary Party featuring Papas Underground, Machetres, Stone Gato, Nayas, The FiFat DC9. $10. [DC9]

  • Beirut with Curtains and Get Him Eat Him at the Warehouse Next Door. $10 at 8:30PM. [Warehouse Next Door]

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