poker%20chips.jpegPoker is a fine Washington tradition. It's a game that power brokers in the nation's capital enjoying playing, as they hammer out deals that decide the fate of the free world.

Later today, a super-exclusive poker party will be taking place right here in Washington. The party is being sponsored by the Poker Players Alliance, which is lobbying against H.R. 4777, proposed legislation that would restrict online gambling. The featured guests at the party -- poker champions Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, and Greg Raymer -- are already in town, having visited Congress yesterday to make known their opposition to H.R. 4777.

The poker party itself has been blogged about before, but without mention of the location. In case you're wondering, it's being held at the University Club.

So think of this as a forward-looking Wonk'd post. To all you poker fans out there: if you'd like to catch a glimpse of your favorite players while they're in Washington, you know where to find them!

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