To Do: Idiotarod, Irish Drama, Fake News

* If all the cool kids were getting up at the crack of noon, getting wasted and tooling around their cities in stolen shopping carts, wouldn't you want to, also? Now you can. Saturday brings us the Idiotarod, 2pm, at the Front Page in Dupont Circle. Rationalizations provided by the fact that it's all for charity. Follow me to register or learn more.

* When most people celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, they do so under the false belief that the only significant facet of Irish culture is that of booze-fueled antics and argument. Clarify this misunderstanding by going to see Solas Nua's production of The Mai, by Marina Carr, where you'll learn that opium plays a huge role as well. At the Josephine Butler Parks Center,

2437 15th St., NW, Washington, DC. Showtime at 8:00pm Fri-Sat/7:00pm Sun.

* Whether you are a fan of humor, current events, fake news, real people preyed upon by fake newsmen, or prematurely glabrous men, you'll probably have a hard time getting in to see Rob Corddry this weekend unless you're willing to beat area Daily Show groupies down with a stick. Make sure it's a big one. At the Historic Synagogue at Sixth and I, Saturday at 8pm.


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