To Do: Librarian Fetish


* Folky Alice Despard Group, The Rambling Shadows (ex-Crippled Pilgrims) and Plastic Sky at the Warehouse Next Door. $6 at 9:30PM. [WND]


* Wonderland debuts brunch with all-you-can-eat bacon. 10AM. [Brightest Young Things]

* Mousetrap (britpop dance night) at the Black Cat. $10 at 9:30PM. [Black Cat]

* But can it compete with the 9:30 club's special Leather Weekend dance party? Bob Mould, Richard Morel DJ. $20 at 9:30PM. [9:30 Club]

* But can that compete with David Lynch talking about transcendental meditation in Bethesda? $12 at 5PM. [P&P]


* 1974's CĂ©line and Julie Go Boating at the National Gallery. "Seemingly about an accidental encounter between two young women, a nightclub magician (Juliet Berto), and a librarian (Dominique Labourier), the film's labyrinthine plot is as entertaining as it is packed with ideas -- provocative, expansive, and profound." Free at 4:30PM. [National Gallery]

* Ruth Levy Guyer discusses Baby at Risk at Politics & Prose. It's about techno music and pregnancy, or rejecting your down syndrome fetus, or whatever. Guyer teaches bioethics at Haverford College. Free at 5PM. [P&P]


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