To Do: Long Hairs, Cicero or a Shamed Politician Making Funnies

  • Magnolia Electric Co. with Shearwater and Catfish Haven at the Black Cat. $12 at 8:30PM. [Black Cat]

  • Reformed Dead Kennedys (minus Jello, plus some guy they found at a Tower Records) at the State Theatre. $17 at 8PM. [State Theatre]

  • BBC Correspondent Robert Harris discusses his new book Imperium, about Cicero, at Borders in Bailey's Crossroads. 7:30PM. [Borders]

  • The Iron Petticoat at the Mary Pickford theater. Starring Katherine Hepburn as sexy Soviet jet pilot Vinka Kovalenko and Bob Hope as American Capt. Chuck Lockwood. Despite Ben Hecht's writing credit, he "pulled out of the project after Hope brought his own team of writers to England, where they rewrote the script to incorporate more of the comedian's typical humor." Free at 7PM. [LOC]

  • On TV, former (gay) New Jersey governor James Gayass McGreevey delivers David Letterman's Top 10 list, Justin Timberlake (not at all gay) and Sarah Silverman on Leno. Both at 11:35PM. [WP]

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