To Do: Magic

* If you like Steven Spielberg, you'll love neuropsychiatrist Richard Restak. Don't miss his talk, "Brain Research and the Emerging Neurosociety," at the Smithsonian. "Brain research is making it possible to read the brain in real time as people experience emotions, think, and respond. These breakthroughs are increasingly affecting our world, as corporations, advertisers, and politicians are learning to use this information to influence our lives." $25 at 6:30PM. [Smithsonian]

* Magicians at the National Press Club. 7PM, (second to last item). [NPC]

* Doctor/Writer Pauline W. Chen talks about Final Exam at Politics & Prose. "This young transplant surgeon reflects on how, in the struggle to save patients' lives, physicians are ill-prepared to deal with death." Free at 7PM. [P&P]


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