To Do: Miss '90s Indie Rock


Be my Joey Ramone: Sleater-Kinney w/ The Thermals [9:30 Club]

Read subtitles, feel smug about your attendance at important documentaries, get all paranoid at FilmfestDC, screening Super-Size Me; the French take on JFK, What Jackie Knew; and Oliver Stone's Looking for Fidel. [Filmfest DC]


Remember post-rock. Tortoise w/ Beans & Ex Models [9:30 Club]

Let that creepy Apprentice guy get "hands-on" with you. [H2O]


Pretend you've never heard of Hipublicans: NARAL Pro-Choice America and Punkvoter present the Lunachicks. [9:30 Club]

Try to get Laura Bush's biographer to tell you the real story. [Olssons]


Put another dime in the jukebox, baby that you have chosen to have: Joan Jett, Sandra Bernhard and some other ladies perform at a Planned Parenthood march after-party. [9:30 Club]

Screw The Passion: Landless Theater presents a live-action Life of Brian. [Landless Theater]


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