To Do: Nazis, Tone and Adam Gopnik

* 1962's The Second Track at AFI, "The only East German film to explore the theme of former Nazis leading normal lives in the GDR. Rarely shown in theaters, it contains remarkably expressive b&w images that intensify the story of guilt, repression and oblivion. When Station Inspector Brock fails to turn in a robbery culprit, it stirs up his feelings of being trapped by not standing up to Nazi persecution years ago." $9.25 at 7PM. [AFI]

* Baltimore's Lo Moda at the Black Cat with Tone. $7 at 9PM. [Black Cat]

* New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik discusses Through the Children's Gate at Politics & Prose. After 5 years in Paris, Gopnik and his family moved back to New York in 2000. He writes about how much the city had changed and how it made him feel like a kid again. Free at 7PM. [P&P]


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