To Do: Neither a Hotel, Nor...


* Vashti Bunyan at the Rock and Roll Hotel with Vetiver and Vandaver. $18 at 9PM. [R&R Hotel]

* Jonathan Richman at the 9:30 Club with Tommy Larkins. $12 at 6PM. [9:30 Club]


* Terry McAuliffe discusses the exhausting memoir What a Party!: My Life Among Democrats: Presidents, Candidates, Donors, Activists, Alligators and Other Wild Animals at Olsson's in Arlington. Free at 2PM. [Olsson's]

* Former Senator Edward W. Brooke talks about Bridging the Divide at Politics & Prose. "Brooke was the first African American elected to the US Senate since Reconstruction... he recalls not only his service in 'the most exclusive club in the world' but also his life in Washington, from his early days to his receipt of the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2004." Free at 1PM. [P&P]

* Susie J. Horgan photography exhibit at the Govinda Gallery, "After meeting Henry Rollins and Ian MacKaye while she was working at the Häagen-Dazs in Georgetown, Horgan began documenting the birth of the early Washington, D.C., punk movement in 1979." 11AM-6PM. [Govinda]

* Troubled young comic Larry Poon presents Poonanza IV at the Warehouse Theater. A sketch style comedy show that may or may not involve audience participation. $5 at 11PM. [Warehouse Theater]


* Deerhoof at the Black Cat with Harlem Shakes. $13 at 8PM. [Black Cat]

* Jacques Rivette's Wuthering Height's is set in the "early 1930s, the heroine's name remains Catherine, and Heathcliff becomes Roch... As in the original novel, the two protagonists are one with their surroundings until Catherine is 'seduced by civilization, and awakens as a wife in a pastel dream of affluence, triggering the nightmare that is Roch's revenge. Through it all, the camera keeps its distance, watching and listening to performances that are less expressions of impetuous passion than choreographed movements in space.' The National Gallery, Free at 4PM. [National Gallery]


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