To Do: One More for the Road

* D. W. Griffith's 1931 film The Struggle at the LOC. " We close the year with a rarely seen gem recently preserved by the Library's Motion Picture Conservation Center. A Prohibition drama about a young couple whose marriage is threatened by the husband's descent into alcoholism, The Struggle was D. W. Griffith's last film as director. Lacking money for elaborate sets, a number of scenes were shot on location (the Bronx, NY, and Springdale, CT), which was unusual in the early days of sound film. The film was a failure, however, sending Griffith into such debt that his company went bankrupt." Free at 7PM. [LOC]

* Drugstore Cowboys, Dawn of Man and Librarians at DC9. $8. [DC9]

* One Last Smoke at McFadden's: "join us as we bid farewell to our right to enjoy a cigar on the town here in the Nation's Capital. Our's devours cocktails cigars." $75 from 5-9PM. No idea why it's so expensive. Maybe the our's devours. You could just go smoke for free at the Big Hunt or something too, whatever. [McFadden's]


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