To Do: Open the Pod Bay Doors

* S.V. Dáte talks about Jeb at P&P. "For eight years, Palm Beach Post reporter Dáte covered George W.'s younger brother in the Florida State House. He developed a deep distaste for Jeb Bush's autocratic and obsessively secret ruling style. Dáte believes that it's not a matter of if Jeb runs, but when." Free at 7PM. [P&P]

* An evening of short films called "Stateless Cinema Hails Our Chiefs, Past and Present, This President's Day" at the Black Cat. Several shorts about George W. Bush and one by the fascinating Paul Chan. $7 at 9PM. [Black Cat]

* Honor yourself and the alienation your human/machine lifestyle has caused with 2001: A Space Odyssey at AFI. $9.50 at 9PM. [AFI]


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