To Do: Ride the Moving Stairway to Heaven


Learn about the contributions escalators have made to cinema. (Washingtonians love escalators.) [National Building Museum]

See Matthew Yglesias at panel on Hipublicans. (Some puke named Ana Marie Cox will be there, too.) [AFF]

Puke green. [WP pub listings]

Ride free. [SoberRide]


Stare thoughtfully at Wim Wender's Australian outback photos. [Goethe Institute]

Discover how far out of your way you'll go for some cheap journalistic rubbernecking: Jayson Blair reads from I Brought Down the New York Times and All I Got Were These Lousy Reviews at Karibu Books in Hyattsville. [Karibu]


Discover that not all pro-environment films are boring at a talk by animator Bill Plympton. [Environmental Film Festival]


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