To Do: See That Cockroach?


* Justin Timberlake and Pink at the Verizon Center. $65-95 at 7:30PM. [Verizon Sexy Sexy]

* The no less venerable Jeff Daniels (yep, Dumb and Dumber) sings a few "hysterical anecdotes" and plays guitar at Wolf Trap. $25 at 8PM. [Wold Trap]

* Take drugs and dance to house music at the Black Cat with The Juan Maclean and Edie Sedgwick. [Bliss]


* "Four hours of improvisation...with the best New Wave actors... and edited and arranged so that sometimes it's a mystery story and the rest of the time it's a naturalistic story about the same people." Jacques Rivette's 1972 Out One: Spectre screens at the National Gallery. Free at 2PM. [Nat Gal]

* Kubrick's Paths of Glory at AFI. "In World War I, promotion-seeking French General Mireau (George Macready) orders Colonel Dax (Kirk Douglas) to lead their forces on a suicide mission to take a German stronghold for no benefit other than Mireau's narcissism. The soldiers are unwilling to leave the trench, and Mireau selects three as an "example" to be executed for dereliction of duty." 5:30PM. [AFI]


* The Show is the Rainbow at The Red & The Black. $7 for the show, and pay $20 and it's all you can drink. [The Red & The Black]

* Dead Kennedys: The Early Years Live screens at the Black Cat. Free at 9PM. [Black Cat]

* Daveed Gartenstein- Ross talks about My Year Inside Radical Islam at Politics & Prose, "Searching for community and religious commitment, Gartenstein-Ross spent a year with a charity that fostered an Islamic fundamentalist group. After becoming disillusioned with the practices of the group, Gartenstein-Ross finished law school and developed a career as a counter-terrorism consultant." Free at 5PM. [P&P]

* Watch Prince on your TV at halftime.


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