To Do: Silent Films, Magic Dragons and Tender Breasts


  • George Melies' silent films, including A Trip to the Moon and The Magic Lantern, with live piano accompaniment. National Gallery. Today and tomorrow at 1PM. [National Gallery]

  • DIN Glorious, SKELP, The Opposite Sex. 8:30PM at the Warehouse Next Door. [Warehouse Next Door]

  • 1958's The Goddess was filmed in Ellicott City, Maryland. "Paddy Chayefsky (Marty, Network) reportedly modeled his screenplay, in a cruelly prophetic way, on the life of Marilyn Monroe." 7PM at LOC's Mary Pickford Theater. Free. [LOC]


  • Meeps moves from U Street to Adams Morgan (2104 18th St. NW). Celebrate the move from 12PM- 7PM. Prizes and oversized sunglasses. [WP]

  • Peter Paul and Mary have been together since 1961. 8PM at Wolf Trap. $22-$38. [Wolf Trap]

  • Shark Day at the National Aquarium. If you didn't know DC had an aquarium, that's because it's in the basement of the Department of Commerce Building on 14th St. [National Aquarium]


  • Brent Gordon and The Tender Breasts from Albany, New York. 9PM at the Galaxy Hut. $5. [Brent Gordon]

  • Last chance to see Judah Friedlander, Toby "I consider myself a nerd" Radloff from American Splendor. 8PM at DC Improv. $15. [DC Improv]

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