To Do: Skullduggery


  • Lupe Fiasco at the 9:30 Club with Asheru & Flex Mathews with DJ P-Nyce at the 9:30 Club. $20 at 8:30PM. [9:30 Club]

  • The Changes at the Rock and Roll Hotel with Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and Shannon Stewart of Liberation Dance Party. $8. [Rock and Roll Hotel]

  • Gene Hackman stars in Coppola's 1974 film, The Conversation, "as audio snoop Harry Caul, who has a crisis of conscience when he suspects a recent job may implicate him in corporate skullduggery and murder." The Conversation won many awards, but lost Best Picture to Coppola's other 1974 film, The Godfather: Part II. AFI. $9:50 at 8:45PM. [AFI]

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