To Do: The Microphone Smells Like a Beer

  • Israel's #1 Hip Hop group Hadag Nahash. $20 at 8PM. Sixth & I Historic Synagogue. [Sixth and I]

  • The Glover Park Whole Foods will donate 5% of its proceeds to benefit sick kids at Georgetown University hopsital and others around the country. Today only. [Hope For Henry]

  • Panel: "Where do students' rights to free speech stand today?" Includes Mary Beth Tinker and many others. Free at 7PM. Archives. [Archives]

  • Hott Beat, Big Digits, Person, Donna Parker, Naomi, Jesse Petersen at the warehouse $8 at 8:30PM [WND]

  • Political juggernauts Matthew Dowd, Doug Sosnik and Ron Fournier sign Applebee's America at 5:30PM. 2550 M St, NW. Food, drinks. Strangely, doesn't seem to be at an Applebee's. [Applebee's America]

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