To Do: The Parallax View

* The Frames at the 9:30 Club with Margot and the Nuclear So and So's. $15 at 8:30PM. [9:30 Club]

* The Pervert's Guide to Cinema at the Hirshhorn. "Sophie Fiennes places bombastic psychoanalytic philosopher and film scholar Slavoj Zizek into mocked-up scenes from cinema classics including films by Hitchcock, Tarkovsky, and Lynch. His reflections range from insightful to controversial and outright goofy, but this digest is fun for any cinephile. Free at 7PM in the Ring Auditorium, also tomorrow night. [Hirshhorn]

* New Yorker editor and fiction funnyman Ben Greenman reads from his latest story collection at Olsson's in Dupont. Free at 7PM. [Olsson's]


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