To Do: Vinyl Pants

* Ane Brun in concert at House of Sweden in Georgetown. There will be a bar and an Intern Nick. $5 at 7:30PM. [Embassy of Sweden]

* Delwende at the Hirshhorn. It's " based on a true story about a woman driven out of her village for allegedly being a witch. A sensitively crafted human drama with music and voice by the Senegalese artist Wasis Diop, this is a story of a mother and daughter that focuses on the human costs of traditional practices and women's struggle for justice." $13 at 7PM. [Smithsonian]

* As Brightest Young Things put it, "Remember Janeane Garofalo? I still think she's cool." She's doing standup tonight at the State Thatre. $27.50 at 8:30PM. [BYT]

* Drink cheap, win a trip to Ireland where you'll probably drink a little less cheaply. [FreeRide]


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