To Do: Who is the Ticketmaster?

  • The Warped Tour still exists, now includes Joan Jett. Hurry your ass up 'cause it started at 11AM. From $29.75 at Nissan Pavilion at Stone Ridge. [Ticketmaster]

  • Melissa Etheridge. 8PM. $35-$100 at Constitution Hall. [also Ticketmaster]

  • "Playful Purity--Klee and the Art of Children" at the Phillips Collection. Paul Klee deeply loved children. 6&7PM. [The Phillips Collection]

  • Juan Williams has a book called Enough. "He's picking up where Bill Cosby left off and taking on 'phony leaders, dead-end movements, and the culture of failure' that is holding black Americans back. He deals with everyone from big-city mayors to the civil-rights establishment to rap musicians in his incisive call for change.'" [P&P]

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